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How School Bus Contracting Works

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School transportation can be a major challenge for educators and administrators, especially when it comes to logistics. By outsourcing student transportation to a private company, the education team is made free to redirect their energy and resources to their core function, education. This type of freedom is a key component in why so many schools have chosen school bus dafabet live casinocontracting. And, in almost all cases, outsourcing the transportation services has proven successful, as administrators are able to maintain control through contract stipulations while focusing on other vital tasks. Contact our team to learn more about school bus contracting.

Why do districts choose to contract?

The reasons that districts consider contracted transportation vary, but often fall into one of the following categories:


The district fleet is aged, and funding is not available to upgrade it.


Transportation cost increases have outpaced funding.


System inefficiencies have resulted in overextended resources and scheduling difficulties.


Federal, state, or administrative changes and additional responsibilities challenge the system.


Administrative headaches (dealing with parents, employee absenteeism, drug and alcohol testing, mandated paperwork) require an inordinate share of administrators’ time and attention.

dafabet online sports bettingOutsourcing can solve any and all of these problems. Private contractors whose primary business is pupil transportation have a single focus: to provide school bus service in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible while maintaining the highest levels of safety and reliable service. Just as school districts are experts at providing education, private school bus companies are experts at providing transportation.

Frequently Asked Questions: School Bus Contracting

All drivers, public or private, are equally qualified and must meet the same state and federal licensing standards to drive a school bus in their state.

Private contractors meet or exceed state wide training standards as they operate using the highest standards required. Many school districts do the minimum ‘required only’ training due to limited resources.

Private contractors hire local residents and existing local district school bus drivers, who pay taxes and often have children attending local schools. Both district and contractor drivers have but one goal to transport the children of the district safely each day. More times than not, they are the same drivers!

Private contractor and district school buses must meet the same maintenance standards set by their respective states. Private contractors set the highest preventative maintenance standards for their fleets.

Private contractor fleets are newer, on average, than district fleets due to the utilization of industry lifecycle replacement schedules for their vehicles, whereas, district fleet replacement is usually subject to budget constraints, BOE approval and or voter approval. As such, districts dafabet best online casinohave difficulty in maintaining a replacement schedule when economic times become difficult.

Private contracting eliminates the district’s’ labor management issues. Private contractors must provide services based on the standards set by the district in the contract agreement. District operations have to deal with grievances and employee contract negotiations, whereas that is not an issue for the district when they contract for services. Districts can have a contracted driver removed from their district at any time for any justifiable reason. Many Superintendents have stated they have ‘fewer headaches’ with contracted transportation services and can spend their time on educational issues.

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